NASA rover discovers ‘treasure’ of organic matter on Mars

The US space agency, NASA, revealed that the Prefrance spacecraft collected samples from the surface of Mars that contain possible biosignatures that should be confirmed, as it described it.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, this discovery represents the best opportunity to confirm the hypothesis of the existence of life on Mars in earlier times, and the possible biosignature may result from the presence of life.

Daily Mail report

The “treasure” of organic materials that were found helps determine whether aliens actually existed on the Red Planet or not, while the collection of organic materials from Jezero Crater indicates that they were likely habitable environments 3.5 billion years ago..

These organic molecules contain carbon, which is widely considered the building blocks of life, and the US space agency said that Perseverance has collected four samples from the ancient river delta since July 7, bringing the total number of scientifically influential rock samples to 12.


“The rocks we were looking for in the delta contain the highest concentration of organic matter we’ve found so far on the mission,” said Ken Farley, a perseverance project scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. The rover took measurements and samples in an area called Skinner Ridge..

This consists of sedimentary rock layers, some of which contain material that was likely transported from miles away by running water billions of years ago..

“With the samples that we’re taking now in this most sedimentary region, we’re of course very much at the heart of what we wanted to start with,” Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA science lead, said during a press conference.

Sedimentary rocks contain complex organic molecules called aromatics, along with clays and sulfur minerals, the latter of which can be produced when water reacts with the rocks..

There are no specific signs of life, or vital fingerprints, in this material but scientists are encouraged to look in the right place.

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