NASA: The decision to cooperate with China in space is up to it

“The possibility of cooperation with China in space is up to China,” said Bill Nelson, director of NASA, at an international space conference. “IAC‘, according to the website outer space.

“There has to be an opening, and that hasn’t happened,” Nelson added, noting that China and NASA had recently coordinated issues such as the orbits of the Mars spacecraft, but added that there was a lack of transparency required from the Chinese side.

NASA and China in particular have identified some of the same potential landing areas around the Moon’s south pole for my missions Artemis 3 And the Chang’e 7 planned, raising the question of whether and how the agencies would coordinate their plans Artemis 3 astronauts to the lunar surface for the first time since 1972, with a launch targeted for 2025; It includes Chang’e 7whose launch date has not yet been set, an orbital vehicle, a vehicle, a satellite vehicle and a relay robot that can jump into pits to search for water.

Brian Weeden, director of program planning for Safe World Foundationan organization focused on collaborative solutions in“There should be more discussions between the United States and China on space activities, especially regarding coordination of activities.

The United States and China are currently seeking partnerships for their vision of lunar exploration, and it currently appears that their efforts will be entirely separate paths.

NASA is promoting the Artemis Accords that set the framework for lunar exploration and prepares to launch the Artemis 1 mission, with manned missions to the moon to follow later this decade.ILRS) with Russia and other partners in the 1930s.

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