NASA’s Artemis 1 rocket launch awaits fuel test on September 21

NASA is just a few days away from a major refueling test of its massive new spacecraft that could make or break the space agency’s chances of launching a mission. Artemis 1 to the moon next week, according to outer space.

The refueling test, which NASA will attempt on Wednesday, September 21, will fix two hydrogen leaks on the rocket, called the Space Launch System, as well as a new, slower way to refuel the 32-storey booster vehicle in the 389 Cushion. a From the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Refueling test comes Artemis 1 NASA after two failed attempts to launch a mission Artemis 1 – The first unmanned test flight of a missile SLS With the Orion capsule on August 29 and September 3, first due to an engine temperature issue traced to a bad sensor, and then due to a large hydrogen fuel leak, the space agency has since repaired an 8-inch hydrogen line and a smaller 4-inch line.

During the refueling test Artemis 1 On Wednesday, NASA will fill the rocket’s core and upper stages with the 3.3 million liters of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen it needs for launch. Artemis 1 Orion Space and dual solid rocket boosters, but designed to verify fuel leak repairs and new refueling process work.

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