Neighbor of the murdered October gardens merchant: I discovered the crime from breaking the apartment door and saw the body

The detectives of the Giza Security Directorate listened to the statements of the murdered merchant’s neighbor inside his apartment in October Gardens, and stated that he discovered the crime, as while he was passing in front of the apartment of his dead neighbor, he saw the door open and with it broken, so he tried to check on his neighbor and knocked on the door without response, which prompted him to enter the apartment, and found the victim He was drenched in his blood, his body lying in the hall of the apartment, and he saw scattered traces of its contents, so he hurried to inform the detectives.

Forensic experts conducted an inspection of the apartment, and fingerprints were removed from the crime scene and the surveillance cameras were examined, and the detectives were able to identify and arrest the suspects.

After their arrest, the two accused confessed to committing the crime due to financial disputes with the victim, and they took advantage of his presence alone in his residence, and committed the crime, as they stabbed him several times that ended his life in the apartment hall.

The two defendants added that after committing the crime, they searched the contents of the apartment in search of any sums of money or gold jewelry, and broke the door of the apartment, and fled after committing the crime.

The detectives of the Giza Security Directorate revealed the mystery of finding the body of a dealer inside a rented apartment in October Gardens, and investigations found that two people had financial disputes with the victim, who were stabbed to death with a white weapon and were arrested. The necessary report was issued, and the competent prosecution was notified of the investigation.

The Giza Security Directorate received a report stating that the body of a person was found inside an apartment in October Gardens.

Investigations by the detectives, which were supervised by Major General Abdel Aziz Selim, Director of the General Department of Giza Investigations, revealed that the victim had killed two people due to differences between them over a sum of money amounting to 35,000 dollars. The suspects were arrested, and when they confronted them, they confessed to committing the crime. A report was issued on the incident, and the competent prosecution took over the investigation.

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