Nelly Karim did not know how to say two words to each other

When talking about the scenes of the series “That”, which he presented with Nelly Karim and Intisar, and which was shown 9 years ago with great public success, the Egyptian artist, Bassem Samra, revealed exciting details about the work.

In a television interview shown on Sunday evening, Samra talked about the atmosphere of the series, which is based on a novel by “Sana Allah Ibrahim”, where he presented the starring role as “Abdul Majid”, and appeared exactly as the author wanted her to present.

While Nelly Karim, the heroine of the work, played the character “That”, in the series written by Maryam Naoum, and directed by Khairy Bishara, who completed the full task of Abu Zekry.

“You benefited from me and victory”

Samra confirmed that he was fortunate to cooperate with two senior directors in the series, pointing out that Nelly Karim was at the beginning of her artistic career.

Nelly Karim

He also added that Karim benefited greatly from him and the artist Intisar, who shared the championship with her mother’s role in the work.

He continued, “Nelly was inside.. She was thinking of us from another world. I could not believe that there was this.. We were working, me and Victory.. Nelly was a rule that I did not know how to say two words to each other.”

The Egyptian artist also explained that Karim, after this experience, became a great star, and began to develop.

in the name of Samra

in the name of Samra

Not the first!

It is noteworthy that the series That, was not the first work in Nelly Karim’s artistic career nor in the field of drama, where she presented many television and cinematic works.

However, after the series “That”, she used to present a television show in every Ramadan season.

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