New AI technology tells you why your baby is crying within 10 seconds

Among the cool new technologies unveiled in CES 2023a device that works with artificial intelligenceclaims to answer a question that irks most parents: “Why is my baby crying?”, in which she divorces Q Bear It is called “Translator”. Ai crying babyWhich can analyze and identify babies’ needs from different types of cries to help parents interact more easily.

The device, created by a Taiwanese company, can differentiate between babies’ cries for hunger, a wet diaper, sleepiness, or the need for rest, according to Metro Health.

According to the website, Q Bear Also “discovering the child’s level of distress for parents to better understand the health status of their children.”

The soft, silicone-coated device fits into a crib or stroller and uses patented technology to analyze baby’s crying to determine one of four needs from their “discomfort index”.

Translation comes Q Bear Within 10 seconds of a baby crying, the device can also record babies’ health details, detect how sleepy or restless the baby is, and can automatically play soothing music.

makers say Q Bear It is designed using an 18-layer deep learning architecture and pre-training mode for the GPU through more than 10,000 rows of crying data from babies.

The device notifies parents about a crying baby, an abnormal internal temperature or humidity reading, an abnormal urine frequency, or an abnormal pain indicator.

The device claims to be the “most accurate prediction product” (95%) on the market, while its learning function can increase accuracy with the number of uses.

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