Noha Al-Amrousy about her daughter’s involvement in the Vermont case: I made a mistake in raising her

The Egyptian actress, Noha Al-Amrousy, announced on Thursday that she had made a mistake in raising her daughter, Nazly Mustafa Karim, who was involved in the case known in the media as the “Vermont case”.

She responded to her accusation that she was the reason for her daughter’s involvement in this case, saying: “Indeed, I fell short of her a lot.”

‘I was wronged’

She also added, during her meeting on the “Kalam Al Nass” program broadcast on MBC Egypt, that she was subjected to injustice and imprisoned, noting that an analysis was conducted for her that proved that she did not use drugs.

She stressed that she does not care about what is said about her, explaining that she is not in a position of self-defense.

She also revealed that she had suffered from inflammation of the thyroid gland, pointing out that this disease is the same as that suffered by the late singer Umm Kulthum, and that it has nothing to do with drug abuse.

Vermont case

The investigations of the Public Prosecution in the Vermont case lasted about 9 months, during which all procedures were exhausted in an effort to reach the truth, and concluded that its circumstances concluded that the defendants intercourse with the victim without her consent in a hotel suite if she lost consciousness during a private party she attended in 2014, but the evidence was not reported. Enough against the accused to bring them to criminal trial.

Who is Noha Al-Amrousy?

It is noteworthy that Noha El-Amrousy was born on January 11, 1963, and received a BA from the Script Department at the Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt in 1990.

She participated in several television series, including “We are the students, Al-Hara, the Kingdom of the Mountain, Abdel Aziz Street, Al-Baltaji, and Dameer Abla Hikmat”.

She presented many works to the cinema, most notably: “The Devil’s Island, the Virgin and the Scorpion, Hanafi the pomp, the Burjuan neighborhood, Playing with the Devils, Halaq Housh, and Hysteria.”

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