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Nor in dreams.. A young man comes back from death a month after being buried in Menoufia.. Pictures

The people of “Muhammad”, from the village of Manial Arous, affiliated to Ashmoun district, Menoufia governorate, did not expect that their son, who was injured in an accident more than a month ago, and recognized his body inside a hospital, and buried him with their hands and received condolences, did not die alive, and that the body they buried was not their son. Muhammad.. similar to movie scripts.

Young Muhammad, the moment of his return to his family

The story goes back to the absence of the young man from his home for nearly 3 months, and he published his picture a month ago on social media for those who recognize him, as the pictures spread widely, so that the young man’s family was surprised by the communication of a hospital worker, to tell them that their son is inside the hospital after he had an accident .

Immediately, Muhammad’s family went to the hospital and he was completely unconscious and recognized him, and entered the intensive care, and he needed treatment and expenses, and indeed the family was not late for his treatment, but after three days he died, and a burial permit was issued to him and he was already buried in the family cemetery, and they extracted a certificate He passed away, and they held a funeral in front of his father’s house.

A month after the burial of the body of the young Muhammad, the family of the young man was surprised when he entered the house on his feet healthy, leaving everyone in a state of ashamed, and the sadness turned into joy in celebration of Muhammad’s return again, and it turned out that the one who was buried was not their son, and legal measures will be taken to take action Analysis of the body to determine its eligibility.

The family of the young man also went to make an official report at the police department of the department in which the hospital where the dead young man was found, to take legal measures to find out the family of the young man who died and was buried in their graves, after the return of their son alive, and the fact that the deceased young man was not their son.

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