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Nourhan hit her mother with a hammer twice

In a new case of her mother’s killer in Port Said Governorate, Egypt, local media revealed the confessions of the accused of killing the worker’s supervisor, Dalia Al-Hoshi.

The accused, Hussein Siddiq, revealed the daughter of the victim in his confessions, saying: “Nourhan hit her mother with the hammer that I brought with me on her head after two hard blows after I had finished hitting her neck with a bottle, and I made sure of her death after the blows that Nurhan and I hit her. A breath, no movement, and its neck is open, and it brings a lot of blood.”

Satanic trick

And he added: “After that, we wrapped her in the red sheet that Nourhan brought her from her room, and we tried to remove her and bring her outside the house, but she was heavy and we did not know, so we would leave her in the room as it is, and after that, Nurhan and I took the whole pillow, the bed sheet, the towel, the hammer, the knife, the broken cup, the stick, and the freshness of her mother because he came to her Blood and we put them in a big black bag of garbage, and Nurhan gave me her mobile phones and her mother’s, I put them in my pocket, and Nurhan called her brother Ahmed and told him that there was a strange number.

Sentenced to death

The Port Said Criminal Court had decided to refer the papers of Nourhan Khalil, who was accused of killing her mother with the help of her lover, to the Grand Mufti of Egypt.

On Saturday, the Public Prosecutor said, in the first session of the trial of the accused of killing her mother, that the tragedy is “a mother’s humiliation over her daughter, so she killed her in order to remain in a perverted relationship with a child four years younger than her,” asking, “How can a girl whose mother insulted her brutally kill her for the sake of sex?” .

“Deceived by lusts”

The Public Prosecution added that the accused was “deceived by lusts” and agreed to kill her mother with her lover, so they killed her “with debauchery and brutality.”

And she demanded the execution of the accused and her lover, saying: “There is no mercy for her today, because the execution is a mercy for society, and perhaps it will be a mercy for them before God.” A death sentence has already been issued against her.

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