Oil prices recorded $91.35 for Brent and $85.01 for US crude

Oil prices recorded $91.35 a barrel for the Brent crude futures contract at the settlement on Friday, and West Texas Intermediate crude futures recorded $85.11 a barrel.

The German government announced that it had seized control of the activities of “Rosneft” in Germany, in order to “guarantee” the national energy supply, as this Russian oil group operates many refineries.

And the German Ministry of Economy said in a statement, as reported by Russia today, that the branches of “Rosneft” in Germany, which represent 12% of the national oil refining capacity, were placed under the “guardianship” of the German National Agency responsible for managing energy networks.

And data from the US Department of Energy showed that crude oil stocks in the emergency reserves of the United States fell by 8.4 million barrels over the past week, on September 9, to 434.1 million barrels, the lowest level in about 38 years.

This is the biggest drop in oil stocks in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve since last May, and it pushes crude stocks to their lowest level since October 1984.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that if the European Union decided on September 30 to set the price of gas from Russia, Moscow would stop exporting gas to Europe, according to Russia Today.

The Serbian president expressed his hope that the European Union would not take this measure so as not to push Russia to stop exporting gas.

He explained that after that, the price of gas was no longer important, because it simply would not exist, and everyone would freeze, and then the price of electricity would rise from 400 euros to 40 thousand euros, which Germany would not even be able to pay.

Vucic predicted earlier that Europe would face a disaster due to power outages and the global energy crisis, and the Serbian President explained that the price of gas in the coming winter may reach 6000 dollars per thousand cubic meters.

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