Oil prices rise, Brent records 98.57 dollars, and US crude 92.61 dollars

Oil prices recorded $98.57 a barrel for Brent crude futures contracts, when they settled on Friday, and West Texas Intermediate crude futures recorded $92.61 a barrel, as prices rose during yesterday’s trading by more than 5%.

Hussein Meshek, the correspondent of the Cairo News Channel in the Russian capital, confirmed that since 2014, Moscow began securing an alternative to European gas markets, pointing out that Putin, during his meeting with members of the government and directors of oil and gas companies, instructed them to seriously search for an alternative after Russia knew in advance that European countries It is considering moving away from Russian gas and oil at the behest of the White House, stressing that European countries that buy Russian gas pay for it in rubles.

During an interview with the media, Rasha Emad, on the “Al-Monitor” program broadcast on the “Cairo News” satellite channel, “Mashik” explained that most European countries buy Russian liquefied gas through the French company, pointing out that the Europeans support moving away from Russian gas and oil through the media. At the time, experts consider this step as a self-immolation.

He pointed out that Russian economists link the economic development that European countries such as Germany have witnessed due to Russian energy prices, noting that the Kremlin spokesman confirmed after the start of the military operation that Russia would not sell gas to Europe at cheap prices after the hostile steps of Europe that imposed economic sanctions on Russia. .

He pointed out that the solution is in the hands of the leaders of European countries, and that if they wish to obtain Russian gas and oil at reduced prices, they must return to the Nord Stream gas pipeline and lift sanctions against Russia, especially since we are at the beginning of the winter season, when some European countries are expected to freeze in the winter season.

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