Omar Al-Ayoubi writes: New football powers in the Egyptian stadiums

Football in the whole world has become professional, and a lot of money is pumped into it, and the cards of the game have changed, so great powers collapsed and new ones emerged.

Egyptian football is going through an important stage in recent years with the emergence of new forces with huge funds. Perhaps the emergence of Pyramids and the pumping of a lot of money was a motive for changing papers and ideas. We found great stars leaving Al-Ahly and Zamalek for tens of millions of pounds, most notably Ramadan Sobhi, Ahmed Al-Shennawy, Ali Jabr and Sherif Ekrami. And Ahmed Fathi and others did not hijack the lights of stardom and fame in the poles and chose money, and Pyramids succeeded in a few years in a strong presence and competition for all tournaments, booking a place in the golden square and competing strongly in the African championships, in addition to reserving a quota of players in the first and Olympic national team squad.

During the past and current season, new forces emerged, namely Future and the Arab Contractors; The first, Future, is competing strongly, and has so far succeeded in breaking through the golden square, occupying the second place, and Ali Maher, his coach, was able to create a strong combination of players and the presence of funds for spending that made things in the right way in the league and also the African Championship, in which he participates for the first time in its history.

And the Arab Contractors worked quietly last season and contracted with a competent technical staff led by Shawky Gharib, and developed a plan to arrange his papers and rose from escaping from relegation to the golden square this season, and Gharib is considered the most steadfast and challenging; Because the available funds are much less than Pyramids and Future, but he has experiences and other tools that helped him put the mountain wolves on the right path.

Yes, Future and Pyramids are two new football powers competing with the power of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and they have replaced great popular clubs fighting for survival, such as Ismaili, Al-Masry and Al-Ittihad, and if the new forces had fans, they would have succeeded in winning championships.

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