Omar Kamal, the singer of “The Girl of the Neighbors”, admits to growing his beard

A case of great controversy raised by the Egyptian singer Omar Kamal, the owner of the song “Bint Al Jeeran” because of his recent appearance and the sudden appearance of his beard.

The new appearance caused a great mockery of the singer through social networks, especially since some talked about undergoing surgery in order to grow this beard.

Kamal finally decided to respond, and made a phone call on Monday evening with the Egyptian journalist Amr Adib, during which he revealed the details of his new beard.

The singer initially indicated that he was embarrassed to talk about this, but the story is that he is co-starring in the movie “An Hour of Answer”, and he is scheduled to finish filming it in a few days.

Kamal participates alongside Nabila Obeid and Aiten Amer, and during the events he presents a duet with Aiten Amer, but before portraying the character he was suffering from a simple issue on the side of the face.

The character required him to appear with a beard, but part of his face was suffering from a medical problem that prevented the appearance of beard hair in it, which can be overcome with make-up.

But when Kamal visited his doctor, the latter suggested that he transplant the beard in that part, and if he liked it after filming, he could leave his appearance with this appearance.

Kamal admitted that he had already grown part of his beard, and said that the public is not yet accustomed to his new appearance.

At the end of his speech, singer Kamal revealed that he was close to announcing his marriage, without specifying the name of the girl he would marry. Previous rumors had linked him with Nada Al-Kamel, the ex-wife of the Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Fishawy.

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