On the night of the wedding, a bride took off her clothes, and the groom collapsed crying in her hands, to discover the dangerous secret .. and the surprise in her reaction!

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One of the strangest wedding nights, a 29-year-old bride experienced because of her husband on the wedding night, who collapsed crying in her arms, so she was unable to relieve him.

The joy went completely smoothly, according to what was published in the British newspaper, “Mirror”, but as soon as the couple returned to their home, the husband collapsed completely in tears, to the extent that the bride thought she did what angered him, but she said in press statements:

“I was wrong and I was surprised.” The man retreated into a dark corner and cried bitterly, as soon as he was alone with his bride, and she stayed all night relieving him of his sadness, on a night that she described as the strangest wedding day ever.

The girl felt so afraid and sad, that she thought that he was unable to carry out his marital duties, and that he did not care about her at all on the wedding day because he collapsed in tears.

The reason behind the husband’s crying is his mother, who waited for his wedding for a long time but was unable to be with him because of the cancer that eventually led to her death.

Throughout her illness, the mother kept hiding from her son that she had cancer, but she informed him several days before her death that she was sick and about to die, and advised him to establish joy on time and not postpone it,

Which he did, he kept knit all through the wedding, but collapsed completely by being alone because his mother couldn’t be with him that night as she wanted.

The bride said, “I swear that I love him and can’t do anything that bothers him,” but his mother’s death two months before the wedding had a severe impact on him.

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