One of the heroines of the grandson breaks her silence: “I will not be ashamed to say that Lucy hit me

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Monday, January 16, 2023

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

The artist, Nada Afifi, participated in the scenes of the disputes that occurred in the play The Grandson, which was presented on the national stage, some time ago, and starred the artist Lucy, the artist Tamer Farag, and a large group of artists.

Nada published, on her personal Facebook account, a picture of Lucy from the play, and confirmed that she would break her silence and speak, but with her head held high, and would not be ashamed to reveal what happened with her in the show.

And Nada wrote, “I will break my silence and speak with my head held high, and I will not be ashamed to say what happened to me in the grandson show: First, I confirm every piece of information that my colleagues talked about about violations that occurred against us, and it was caused by the artist Lucy, but on the contrary, there are many needs and many details that were not said, and I want to say that we were not.” Silent weakness or negligence in our rights never, on the contrary, we were silent out of respect for the investigations that were taking place and those in charge of them, and the love in his hearing of the grandson’s show and the national theater despite the statements of the artist Lucy on the program of Professor Lamees Al-Hadidi, which were all fabrications and completely devoid of anything true.

And Nada continued, “The incident that concerns me, which is that the artist beat me and insulted me in front of the audience, which really shocked me and left me on the stage and left, and I had no choice but to respect the national theater, the dear audience, and my colleagues, and I completed my work, but as soon as I left the stage, I had a fit of collapse, and with that I completed The show is like any respected artist who respects his work and the stage on which he stands.

Nada went on to talk about the differences that happened: “We entered the scene after which she grabbed me and scolded me again in front of the audience, and I am completely stunned by the absurdity that is happening from a great artist. I hoped that we would learn from her artistic experience and that she would embrace our problems instead of fabricating them. From Professor Ehab Fahmy, Director of the National Theater, all appreciation to his person. He contained my soul and redressed my thoughts, and promised me that he had done the necessary with the artist, Lucy, and that my right would come, and I still thank him until now for our support and respect for our art, and after that the show stopped and to the rest of the events that you know.

Nada stated that the director, Youssef Al-Mansour, promised her that what happened would not pass unnoticed, explaining, “He told me that what happened would not pass, and he supported me and said that salvation was agreed that we would replace the artist Lucy with another artist, and that this is normal with an artist crossing his borders in this way, and we really preferred.” We were waiting for the first rehearsal with the other artist, but we were all surprised by the complaint that the artist Lucy made to her Excellency the Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, although we imagined that the artist Lucy would be happy with the decision to exclude her because she always said that she did not want to continue with us, but of course the complaint that she submitted I stopped the show, and after that, what my colleagues published happened.

The artist Tamer Farag, one of the heroes of the play “The Grandchild”, responded to Lucy’s complaint against the makers of the theatrical show, after the crisis aggravated and she reached the Administrative Prosecution.

Faraj wrote, through his Instagram account: “The heroes of the play The Grandson speak, why did the grandson die? .. We all agreed not to go into the real reasons, the most important of which is the artist Lucy and what happened, out of respect for the national theater and its prestige and for the investigations that were taking place in the legal affairs of the artistic house of the theater And in the syndicate, based on the complaint submitted by the artist, Lucy, to the minister, directly against all the band collectively.

He added: “Based on the complaint submitted by the band members collectively against the artist Lucy, and we all affected the silence even though the artist went to the satellite channels and accused everyone of deviating from the text and the extraneous words … but now that the matter has reached the administrative prosecution and summoned the band members, now we speak.”

On the other hand, the artistic house of the theater recently issued a press release revealing the reasons for stopping the performance of the play “The Grandson”, stressing that the actress Lucy, the heroine of the play, filed a complaint against the work team, and the work team also filed a similar complaint against Lucy, and the complaints were referred to the Administrative Prosecution. .

And the theater’s artistic house stated that the show was not canceled, and once the results of the official investigations are completed, it will be re-presented, whether by the same heroes of the show or by other artists, according to the results of the investigations of the Administrative Prosecution.

The show discusses the issue of the family in a social comic framework, as it deals with the family that is unconsciously controlled by customs and traditions, and the impact of this on children, in an unconventional dramatic sequence that uses situation comedy.

The show “The Grandson” starring Lucy, Abed Anani, Tamer Farag, Muhammad Mabrouk, Sherihan El Shazly, Youssef Al Mansour, Rana Khattab, Zainab Al Abd, Mahmoud Abdel Razek, Nada Afifi and Abdel Bari Saad, and music by Karim Arafa, and prepared and directed by Youssef Al Mansour.

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