Osama Rabie: The President ordered the inauguration of a national network for the distribution of green fuels

Lieutenant-General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, commented on President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s meeting with the head of the global “Maersk” group for maritime transport, Sorin Skou, explaining that a plan was presented to establish a project to produce clean fuel for ships in Egypt with investments of $15 billion, in the area Ain Sukhna.

Rabie said in a telephone interview with the program “In the evening with Qaswaa” on the “cbc” channel, presented by the media, Kaswaa Al-Khalili: “The president ordered that the implementation not only take place in Ain Sukhna, but that a national network should be established to distribute green fuel, such as Jarjoub, Bernice and Alexandria. The president will help and support you, and Maersk will study the matter and implement it.”

The head of the Suez Canal Authority added: “Now, the Ain Sukhna project is ready with investments of $15 billion to establish the station for the production of clean fuel, renewable energy, and ship financing with clean fuel, in addition to another project, which is the extension of the container berth in East Port Said 950 meters, and investments were pumped At this berth, about half a billion dollars, in order to become a major logistical center in the eastern and southern Mediterranean for container handling, which will provide direct and indirect job opportunities by 1000 job opportunities, bringing the total job opportunities in the container terminal to 5000 direct and indirect job opportunities.

Lieutenant-General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, said that Maersk is one of the companies cooperating with the Suez Canal and injects investments and helps in the employment process, in addition to training, as President Sisi today paid great attention to training at today’s meeting.

Rabie added: “The company’s officials said that they have ready programs and trainers, for training in the simulation center in the Suez Canal Authority, which is considered the largest of its kind in the Middle East.”

The head of the Suez Canal Authority added, “Next Wednesday, I will meet with the director of their training center, to train our managers, in addition to departments and mentors, and then we will expand and get people from abroad to train with us with certificates.”

On cooperation with Maersk to establish a $15 billion project to produce clean fuel for ships, he said: “The company is ready, and it is talking about delivering the first phase of the project at the end of 2024 or early 2025.”

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