Paper Division: Deepening industrialization and increasing exports is a top priority for the current stage

Jamal Al-Saudi, head of the Paper and Cardboard Division of the Federation of Industries, confirmed that the economic conference that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi called on the government to hold at the end of this month represents great importance for manufacturers and investors, in light of the challenges facing the Egyptian industry, pointing out that the conference will include specialists and experts to discuss ways to support the industry. Stimulating investment and developing an incentive package for the export industry.

Al-Saudi said in press statements today, that there are a number of demands that the conference must adopt, which will enhance the development and deepening of the local paper and cardboard industry and increase its exports, which rose by 37% during the first half of 2022 to record $614.6 million compared to $449.4 million, revealing Among these demands are facilitating the procedures for allocating or purchasing land in industrial areas, and expediting the return of the delayed export burdens for exporting companies, in addition to expediting the customs release procedures for raw materials and production requirements, in addition to the need to consider the delay in feeding electricity to some factories.

Al-Saudi explained that the number of paper and cardboard factories is about 120, producing about 7,000 tons per day, at a rate of 2 million tons annually, a production that exceeds the volume of domestic consumption by about 40%, which confirms that the Egyptian market does not need to establish new paper factories, and this What was established for industrial development, which is authorized to organize the establishment of factories needed by the state.

The head of the Paper and Cardboard Division also demanded the exception of the free zones inside the republic from the export fee imposed on the Dasht according to the decision of the Minister of Industry No. 1104 of 2018 issued regarding the continuation of the exception of imposing an export fee on some types of scrap and raw materials, which negatively affects the state treasury in the event that it does not remedy the volume Dasht available locally and the need to expand the import of the alternative in hard currency.

And he demanded the necessity of applying the price improvement mechanism to the value of the invoices of imports of paper whose prices are reduced (stokes), in all customs outlets in the Republic, and activating the dual registration mechanism between the Ministry of Finance and the foreign trade sector of the Ministry of Industry on the origin of the imported paper and cardboard to ensure conformity with the standard specifications – by registering foreign companies Certified export to Egypt

The “Saudi” concluded with the necessity of expanding the cultivation of forests of woody trees with a quality density of fast-growing using treated wastewater such as eucalyptus trees, as a green belt in industrial areas, and on the roads, as was the case previously.

It is noteworthy that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi called today, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, to organize an economic conference at the end of this month, to discuss economic conditions and opinions and the future of the Egyptian economy, with the participation of investors, industrialists and economists with expertise and specialists.

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