Paul Pogba’s brother arrested for extorting 13 million euros from Juventus star

Press reports revealed that Matthias Pogba, brother of Paul Pogba, the star of the French national team and the Italian club Juventus, was arrested on charges of a kidnapping plot..

French newspaper Le Monde confirmed that Paul Pogba’s brother, Matthias, had been arrested for his role in a kidnapping plot, where the Juventus midfielder was the intended victim..

Matthias Pogba and four others have been arrested in connection with the Pogba case, which first became known in late August when former Wrexham and Crewe footballer and Partek Thistle took to social media to make exciting discoveries about his brother and Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe..

A source close to the investigation confirmed that the French police temporarily detained Matthias, brother of Paul Pogba, the Italian Juventus player, for questioning, after the latter informed the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office that he had been blackmailed last March.

Since the beginning of this month, the Public Prosecution has opened an investigation into the Pogba incident, against the background of an attempted extortion by an organized criminal gang..

The French star joined Juventus, after his contract with Manchester United expired on June 30, and was linked to a 4-year contract until June 2026..

It was eventually claimed that Paul Pogba was involved in the incident with a will to harm his France international, and the midfielder dismissed the accusations..

And the former Manchester United player issued a statement indicating that his brother, in cooperation with a criminal gang, sought to extort 13 million euros from him..

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