Paving the streets of the Maspero Triangle in preparation for handing over the apartments to the residents

The seventh day monitored the street paving work with a project Maspero triangle It is located behind the radio and television building on the Nile Corniche in Cairo, where the planting of trees and green areas and the completion of utilities work have been completed, as well as the finishing of the entrances in preparation for handing over the units.

The residents receive the fully-finished housing units in Najaf and everything except the furniture. Each unit has a fire-fighting system connected to all rooms in the apartment, in addition to 10 elevators in one tower, in addition to the stairs, and each tower has two floors dedicated to a garage, in addition to parking spaces in front of Towers, as well as green areas.

4 towers overlooking the 26th of July Street were implemented in the project, including 2 towers, each consisting of 5 connected buildings, as part of the entire development plan of the area, and the facades of the towers were finished, the landscaping areas were divided, and trees were planted.

And the towers project in Maspero area, and it consists of a basement floor (basement garage) with a flat of 19220 square meters, a capacity of 353 cars, a ground floor (commercial) with a flat of 16,970 square meters, and a first floor (upper garage) with a flat of 15,800 square meters, a capacity of 280 cars, and two towers for alternative housing for those approved by the Residents of the Maspero Triangle area have the option to return to it after its development, and each of them consists of 18 residential floors with a total of 468 housing units, a third tower with a height of 23 residential floors with a total of 134 housing units, and a fourth tower (administrative tower) consisting of a basement + a commercial ground floor , and 15 recurring roles.

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