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Places for distributing local bread to non-ration card holders.. Know the details

pose Ministryof Supply And internal trade will soon be municipal bread for non-ration card holders at the actual cost, in the framework of the ministry’s keenness to reduce the burden on citizens. ration cards.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade is currently working on setting a price baladi bread For non-holders of ration cards at cost, whose prices will be lower than the price of free “tourist” bread in the markets. Once this system is implemented, the citizen who does not have a ration card can get local bread at the cost price by making a prepaid smart card available to those who are not registered in the system. Support from post offices, and the ministry is scheduled to start applying the experiment experimentally at one of the outlets to reach a way to offer bread at the actual cost easily and conveniently for the citizen .

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, led by Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply, is keen to provide subsidized bread also to approximately 72 million citizens registered on ration cards, as 5 loaves are dispensed per day for each citizen registered in the card, at the price of a loaf of 5 piasters. The ministry is also currently seeking to provide local bread. For citizens who do not hold ration cards at a cost price and less than the tourist news, within the framework of the ministry’s keenness to provide good bread at a low price. The price of a loaf for non-ration card holders is set to be 90 piasters, but so far the ministry has not officially decided the price of the loaf for non-ration card holders.

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