Planning: 116 railway stations within the first phase of the Good Life Initiative

The Egyptian state is working in full swing on dignified life projects to improve the standard of living of citizens in the Egyptian countryside. As for transportation projects, they come at the top of the state’s priorities. 116 railway stations have been developed, to serve the people of 1477 villages within the first phase of the initiative, whose population is more than 17. One million citizens, and during the fiscal year 21/2022 (only) more than 5.4 billion pounds were spent to implement transport sector projects within the “Dignified Life” initiative.“.

And on the development of public investments directed to the transport sector, where the public investment directed to the transport sector exceeded 665 billion pounds during the previous eight years (14/2015-21/2022), with a rate of more than 454%, compared to the eight years preceding (2007/06-13/ 2014), where the annual investments directed to the sector increased from 16.2 billion pounds in 2014/13 to 222.5 billion pounds in 21/2022 with a growth rate of 1273.%.According to a report by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.

وأوضحت التقرير أن الاستثمارات الكليّة لقطاع النقل بخطة عام (22/2023) تُقدّر ِبنَحْو 307 مليار جنيه فِي عَامٍ الخِطّة، ويخُص الْهَيْئَات الاقْتِصَادِيَّة نَحْو 72٪ مِن الْإِجْمَالِيّ، كَمَا تُشكّلُ الاستثمارات الْعَامَّةِ فِي مَجْمُوعِهَا نَحْوَ 91٪ مِن إجْمَالِيّ استثمارات الْقِطَاع، وتعطي هذه الاستثمارات الأولويّة To finish the projects that are close to completion and the national projects that have an economic impact on the business climate, as well as the projects that have a multi-pronged dimension.

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