Planning: 144.2 billion pounds, the volume of investments in the transport sector during 4 years

The volume of investments in the transport sector amounted to 144.2 billion pounds, during the past four years (18/2019 – 221/2022), to implement projects, including the electrification of railway signals, the development of tractors and railway cars, metro and electric train stations, and lighting for the airports of the capital, Sharm El Sheikh and Sphinx LED bulbs saving.

Regarding the total green public investments targeted in the fiscal year (22/2023), a report by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development indicated that they represent 40% of the total public investments, and are concentrated in the areas of (transportation by 63%, housing by 17%, agriculture and irrigation by 6% , energy by 6%, communications by 3%, environmental improvement by 2%, education, industry and tourism by 3%).

On the role of public investments in implementing the national strategy for climate change, the report indicated that 78% of investments in (22/2023) are directed to mitigating the effects of climate change, and 22% are directed to projects adapting to the effects of these changes..

The value of the implemented green public investments amounted to about 144 billion pounds during the fiscal year (21/2022 only), in 7 basic areas (clean transportation, environmental improvement, agriculture and irrigation, industry, housing, energy, education), related to the “Dignified Life” project. Of this, 16% is achieved through the implementation of projects, the most important of which is the establishment and development of sewage projects, rehabilitation and lining of canals, provision of natural gas services, fiber-optic networks, and others.

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