Planning: Egypt’s Sovereign Fund implemented 10 projects during 2021 in 5 sectors

Egypt’s Sovereign Fund contributes to placing Egypt on the global investment map, as well as achieving the goals of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as it aims to create wealth for future generations by maximizing the return on the untapped state assets transferred to the Fund, as well as attracting direct investment from within. And abroad, in addition to investing in important sectors of the Egyptian economy, such as the localization and deepening of industry, technology, digital transformation, water desalination, new and renewable energy, in order to create pioneering local entities in various fields.

The Sovereign Fund of Egypt is the ideal partner for the private sector. The fund has a special law that gives it flexibility in investing without being bound by government rules and regulations. The fund also belongs to a group of development funds, as it aims to achieve long-term financial returns and positive economic and social effects. It also allows investment in owned assets. The state by converting it into unique investment products, including many exclusive opportunities, pointing out that the fund is managed by specialized cadres with international expertise in the field of direct investment.

The Fund succeeded in implementing 10 projects during 2021 in 5 sectors despite the unfavorable international conditions as a result of the Corona pandemic and supply chain disruptions. The fund’s investment during 2021 (25.5 billion pounds), indicating that for every billion pounds invested by the fund, it attracts 5.4 billion pounds in investments to the Egyptian economy, according to a report by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.

The report added that the main objective of the fund is to contribute to sustainable economic development, and to achieve optimal use of its resources and assets in accordance with the best international standards and rules to maximize their value for future generations. to 1 trillion pounds in five years.

The report highlighted the development of the fund’s business, as 2019 witnessed the establishment of a joint strategic investment platform with Abu Dhabi Holding Company, during the year 2020 4 sub-funds were established, and during 2022 binding agreements were signed for the first green hydrogen project in Egypt, and the launch of the launch of a development project The National Party’s land on specialized developers, launching the process of offering a project to develop and rehabilitate the Ministry of Interior’s buildings to specialized developers, as well as establishing a sub-fund for proposals, launching a program for water desalination plants, and investing in student weapons.

The fund provided investment opportunities for the private sector to invest in state-owned companies to maximize their value and return from them. The sub-fund for offerings was launched as a mechanism for implementing the state ownership document. The sub-fund aims to manage the offering process for some state-owned companies on the Egyptian Stock Exchange or on a strategic investor, providing investment opportunities. In strategic assets, in addition to restructuring companies before the offering process, which enhances their value and return from them.

With regard to the partnerships of the Sovereign Fund of Egypt with international institutions, the report indicated that the fund joined several alliances and blocs, which reflects Egypt’s economic and political weight globally, opens new investment and partnerships, and enhances the governance and credibility of the Fund as an investor.

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