Planning holds a workshop to explain the evaluation of the national initiative for smart green projects

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development held a training workshop – via video conference – for members of the executive committees in the governorates responsible for the national initiative for smart green projects, in order to explain the detailed steps for evaluating the projects participating in the initiative, starting with the process of sorting and excluding incomplete applications, passing through an explanation of how to use the evaluation tool In addition to preparing final reports.

During the workshop, Dr. Mohamed Mohamedy, Evaluation Director of the Egypt Award for Government Excellence, member of the National Committee for the Initiative, reviewed the steps of the evaluation system, the projects on the initiative’s electronic platform, and the criteria and conditions applicable to the projects.

Mohammadi pointed out that the workshop aimed to review the time frame for the phases of the initiative after closing the door for progress on September 18, explaining that the advanced projects will be made available to residents from the executive committees to review and review the projects that meet the conditions, provided that the evaluation of the actual projects that have met all requirements will then begin. the conditions.

During the workshop, Mohammadi stressed the importance of confidentiality of all information related to the projects, as well as the importance of the residents’ full-time commitment to ensure that all projects are exposed to the same level of discussions.

The workshop also reviewed an evaluation tool and the mechanism for keeping documents used during the evaluation process, and ways of using them on the initiative’s electronic system.

After explaining the project evaluation mechanism, The attendance was divided into 27 working groups for 27 governorates, with representatives of the Ministry of Planning with each group, to coordinate roles during the coming periods. All questions and inquiries related to the evaluation phase of the initiative were also answered.

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