Planning specialization hotline 19559 for Egyptian family development project services

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has allocated a hotline 19559 for the services of the Egyptian Family Development Project and to receive all inquiries, and the line operates daily from nine in the morning until nine in the evening.

And theThe national project for the development of the Egyptian family aims to improve demographic characteristics for the first time, such as education, health, job opportunities, economic empowerment and culture, in addition to controlling population growth. Education, in addition to digital transformation and legislative reform

The Family Development Project contributed to providing many job opportunities through micro-projects, providing several nurseries affiliated with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, in addition to equipping 3 nurseries in the three family development units to be completed, noting the project management training where women were trained in 52 centers To manage projects, marketing and financial transactions and provide them with economic awareness, in addition to providing training on entrepreneurship and forming a team of 370 trainers from the governorates to spread the culture of entrepreneurship for women in local communities and implement more than 3,000 training courses.

The Ministry also established the financial education program “Rational Dealing with My Money”, qualifying 78 trainers to spread financial awareness in the community, accrediting the first 17 national trainers in the field of financial education and implementing more than 1,400 courses. Digital and financial and digital education in 13 governorates, providing job opportunities for a number of financial facilitators, and forming more than 5,000 savings groups. In addition to holding introductory meetings and training sessions in the field of financial and digital education, implementing training courses in the field of social empowerment, holding digital education seminars, and providing micro-loans for women..

As for the activities to create a supportive climate for economic empowerment, where national number cards were issued for women, advantage cards, electronic wallets and bank accounts for women, the launch of the Tawhesha electronic application for facilitators and the provision of job opportunities for financial facilitators and field supervisors.

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