Planning trained 70 students in various units of the ministry to qualify them for the labor market

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development held the closing ceremony of the fifth edition of the summer program for training university students 2022, in the presence of Tariq Abdel Khaleq, Advisor to the Minister of Planning for Human Resources, and Mohamed Farid, Assistant Minister for National Projects.

The closing ceremony witnessed a review by the trainee students, the nature of the work of the units, the information they gained about the work of each unit and what they provided during their training period. The students were also presented with certificates of passing the training period set by the Ministry.

Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, affirmed the ministry’s keenness to empower and support the capabilities of young people, and provide them with the necessary training opportunities, believing in the necessity of highlighting their capabilities and qualifying them for the labor market with the necessary competence as future leaders.

Al-Saeed explained, in a press statement, today, Friday, that young people constitute a positive force to advance development when providing them with the knowledge and opportunities they need, stressing the need for young people to acquire the education and skills necessary to contribute to a productive economy. As well as their need to access the labor market that can absorb their capabilities in the labor force.

And Hala Al-Saeed added that the ministry is always keen to launch many training programs and projects for young people.

For his part, Tariq Abdel-Khaleq, advisor to the Minister of Planning for Human Resources, said that the trainees contributed to the ministry’s realization of the part of corporate social responsibility, which is part of the ministry’s mission, in addition to empowering youth and achieving benefit for students, noting that the ministry’s message was achieved, as reflected through The students reviewed data and information that they benefited from from the units in which they participated.

Abdel-Khaleq added that the training this year has witnessed a great demand since it was announced and launched, as about 7,000 CVs were submitted for the current version of students wishing to join the training, so that approximately 70 students were selected.

Abdel-Khaleq urged the students to work and make an effort during their studies at the university and then their workplaces, explaining the importance of the training period they passed in empowering their abilities and supporting their self-confidence.

The closing ceremony was attended by Dr. Mohamed Al-Maghraby, Head of the Human Development Sector at the Ministry, Heba Mohamed Abdel Moneim, supervisor of the Central Administration for Construction and Housing, Dr. Ghada Khalil, Director of the Rowad 2030 Project, Dr. Shaima Siraj, Director of the Equal Opportunities Unit at the Ministry, Soha Said, Executive Director of the Egypt Award for Government Excellence, Umniah. Kamal, director of strategic planning and policies at the ministry.

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