Postal signs an agreement with SAP International to create an integrated system for cloud computing applications

The National Post Authority signed an agreement with the international company “SAP” with the aim of establishing a local system to accommodate RISE with SAP Cloud Services, Private Edition cloud computing applications in the authority, in addition to developing its applications in line with the latest global systems in managing postal authorities and global institutions.

The contract was signed by Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Post Authority, and Sergio Macauta, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of SABB International for the Middle East and Southern Europe.

Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Post Authority, said that this protocol is the culmination of the continuous cooperation and strategic partnership between Egypt Post and SAP, and within the framework of Egypt Post’s endeavor to apply the best technological solutions to all services and transactions using advanced technology and integrated digital solutions to facilitate and secure transactions. Interior and exterior.

Dr. Sherif Farouk explained that Egypt Post is the first postal authority in the Middle East and Southern Europe, and the first Egyptian government authority to use the local cloud computing applications of the “SAP” system in providing its applications to employees of its various units and citizens, as this contract aims to create an environment to host computing applications. In addition to developing the current applications of the authority and preparing them to take advantage of new features and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning systems currently available, and achieving integration with the rest of the authority’s applications, especially banking applications, to provide an integrated view of its activity, in addition to studying and analyzing current work cycles And developing them in a practical way and automating the steps of some work cycles, which helps to raise work efficiency and reduce the cost of operations with the ability to quickly make the appropriate decision based on fast and accurate information.

Ehab Abu Bakr, Vice-Chairman of the Egyptian Post Board of Directors for Digital Transformation, said that this contract represents a qualitative leap and a technological leap, as it aims to transform the current work environment into the latest global technological versions of the SAP RISE system as an integrated solution through the use of cloud application technology in addition to benefiting from licenses Signavio provides end-to-end solutions from designing, documenting and modeling processes as well as identifying their interconnectedness to improve and increase performance at scale.

For his part, Mohamed Sami, General Manager of SAP Egypt, stated that the relationship between the National Post Authority and SAP is a strategic relationship through which we seek to raise the technical capabilities of the authority in cooperation with its leaders to enable it to compete, pointing out that the new contract is a model for technical support. Which is provided by “SAP” company for the comprehensive development of the authority, allowing it to develop the method of work in the authority, develop the services currently provided, support innovation in the field of service delivery, as well as develop new future services.

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