Postal warns against dealing with unlicensed e-commerce distribution companies

The National Post Authority warns all citizens against dealing with unlicensed companies to work in the field of distributing e-commerce shipments, freight services and express mail, in order to preserve their shipments from confiscation.

The authority said in a statement that it has recently appeared in the Egyptian market that some companies working in the field of distributing e-commerce shipments, shipping services, postal and logistic services, operate without a license from the National Post Authority, which resulted in the harm of many citizens, companies and institutions. Many citizens’ complaints were received as a result of dealing with these companies, which many authorities and citizens thought were licensed companies operating within a legal framework.

Therefore, the National Post Authority calls upon companies, institutions and individuals not to deal with unlicensed companies and avoid the risks of dealing with them, and to ensure that any company working in the activities of distributing e-commerce shipments or shipping and delivery obtains a valid license from the authority before dealing with it, Noting that all necessary legal measures are being taken against these companies for misleading citizens and operating in the Egyptian market without a license.

The National Post Authority confirms that it will take all legal measures against violators and apply the penalties set forth in Law 16 of the postal system in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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