“Pray for him.” A famous artist enters operations after suffering a sudden health crisis

The great artist, Muhammad Al-Taji, was exposed to a sudden health crisis, after which he was transferred to one of the major hospitals, after which he underwent some necessary medical examinations and analyzes, and then underwent a surgical operation, the details of which were not disclosed, during his post on the social networking site “Facebook”, which In which he asked his fans and followers to pray for him to overcome this accidental health setback, and the artist with distinguished roles in cinema, theater and television had suffered a health crisis earlier, during which he underwent a gallbladder removal operation, and posted a video on his Facebook page, asking At that time, one of his fans prayed for his speedy recovery, and his fans joked during the video, saying: “You are the one who brought me bitterness.” Thousands of his followers commented praying for him to recover and return safely to his family and fans, as one of them wrote: “May God heal you … and return to your audience in safety,” while another commented. : “Your safety, artist.” In the following lines, we explain the details of the health crisis that the artist, Muhammad Al-Taji, was exposed to, and other related topics.

The artist, Mohamed Al-Taji, suffered a health crisis

The artist, Muhammad Al-Taji, announced, on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”, that he had a sudden health crisis, after which he underwent surgery, which he did not disclose details of, and one of his relatives reassured everyone of his health, saying through his personal account on “Facebook”: “Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds. My uncle is fine and in good health, thanks to God, after he underwent a simple operation. Praise be to God, it was successful. He is scheduled to leave the hospital early, or on Friday, and he will return to work after the recovery period.” He continued his post: “ The artist will resume his work, so that he can enjoy us in the coming Ramadan, God willing. I was with him today for four hours.” Why do you joke and flirt with you? I love you, the most beautiful uncle in the world.

The artist, Mohamed Al-Taji, was exposed to a live crisis

Muhammad Al-Taji in brief

The artist, Mohamed Al-Taji, topped the trend recently due to the health crisis he was exposed to, in addition to his objection to Radwa El-Sherbiny’s statements against men, and for Al-Taji fans, here is some information about him:

  • Date of birth: April 28, 1954 AD.
  • The artist’s grandfather is: Abdel-Warath Aser.
  • The most important works of Al-Taji
  • Al-Bashir series.
  • Devil’s Garden series.
  • The series of children of nine.
  • Halal mountain series.
  • Abu Dahka Janan series.
  • Valentino series.
  • The series of Kings of Jada’a.
  • Zincolony series.
  • The series Younis Weld Fadda.
  • chaser movie.
  • Daytime Goblin movie.
  • Married couple play.

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