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President Sisi: There are feasibility studies that do not take long, and there is no time to waste

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi confirmed that there are projects related to products or production requirements that do not need feasibility studies, asking: “Do you need to do a feasibility study for an important topic? Why?!…when we presented projects in a list of products and production requirements that Egypt takes from the land of its grocer for years.” The list is in the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance and includes 150 products, and there are feasibility studies that do not take much time, and there is no time to waste.”

During his speech at the opening of the first industry forum, President Sisi added: “I can’t tell you that you will not do a feasibility study of the subject, so it will be calculated. When I work on a project, I know its dimensions and the market. Do I need specialists? .. I see an opportunity for success before implementing it.. Projects for production requirements and products in the Egyptian market do not need a feasibility study.

President Sisi continued: “When we talk about the manufacture of car tires, he can tell you about considerations that may not be clear in the cost of production and my product compared to living soda.. How?! We have time to lose in studies.. on settled issues.. you think someone will take cheaper energy, whether gas or electricity.. so if we say the price of electricity is according to the normal price, the one who pays may reach 10 times.. we are keen on stability.. you You waste a lot of time and a very big opportunity..I imagine that any challenge we have in Egypt and during the past years generates an opportunity..a challenge generates an opportunity..not an obstacle..and a crisis generates an opportunity.”

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