Prince Harry: What things might you have missed in his book?

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Biography of Prince Harry, Spear (reserve)

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Despite the many leaks about the content of Spear’s book before it was released, there are many other details revealed by the book

After days of leaks and chaos that accompanied the launch of the “Spear” book on the market, Prince Harry’s autobiography, which tells the story of his life in the royal family and his separation from it, has finally arrived.

The book covers many issues that have sparked widespread controversy.

Prince Harry mentioned in his book that he killed 25 Taliban fighters while he was in the army in Afghanistan, used drugs, had a very strained relationship with his brother, and begged his father not to marry Camilla.

So far, no comment or reaction to his statements has appeared from Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.

Despite the extensive coverage of the book in the past few days, there are some things you might have missed in the book.

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Queen Meghan asked what she thought of the former US president

Enquiry the Queen About Trump

In his 410-page diary, Harry describes the first time he introduced the Queen to the Duchess of Sussex (his wife).

Harry learned through a phone call during their trip to see Sarah, Duchess of York at the Royal Lodge (a house in Windsor she shares with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew) that the Queen was visiting Windsor Castle.

Duchess Sarah explained to Meghan how she should bow before the Queen and how to address her.

“It was all so much fun. Grandma[the Queen]even asked Meg[Meghan]what she thought of Donald Trump.”

After about 20 minutes, he says, the Queen announced she had to leave and Prince Andrew accompanied her.

Harry says that Meghan did not recognize Prince Andrew (Harry’s uncle) and thought he was her assistant.

“Meghan sure didn’t Google our family.”

Charles’ “pathetic” teddy bear

Harry mentions a teddy bear that his father took to Gordon Stone, the boarding school in Scotland where King Charles attended when he was thirteen.

He wrote: “The doll was with my dad everywhere, it was a pathetic doll with ripped arms, strings dangling and holes patched up here and there.

“The doll revealed the deep loneliness he experienced in his childhood very clearly.”

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Shave his beard or divorced? Royal puzzle

“Can I keep my beard for my wedding?”

Harry says he had to ask his grandmother’s permission to keep his beard for his wedding.

His fiancée had never seen him without a beard before, and he says, “I didn’t want her to come down the aisle and be surprised to see a complete stranger.”

Harry wrote that the late queen understood and remembered that “her husband also liked to grow a beard now and then”.

Recalling his bachelor party, Harry wrote that his brother, Prince William, intended to shave his beard if he saw him drunk and unconscious.

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The book Prince refers to this popular American TV series.

Watch a series friends

“Many nights I’ve been thinking to myself, ‘If only they’d seen me,'” Harry says, writing about speculation about his bachelorhood.

Harry touched on the issue of his stay at the home of American actress Courteney Cox and said, “I am a big fan of Monica’s character, (the heroine of the Friends series). Monica has always been a subject of my admiration.”

The Queen wore headphones during Brian May’s performance

In his autobiography, Harry reveals that the Queen wore the wireless earphones inside Buckingham Palace when Brian May was playing guitar outside during the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

I watched her with delight. The grandmother was listening to the music she could not hear directly, and she found herself a clever and subtle way of distancing.

“I wanted to hug my grandmother more than ever.”

members of the royal family They are waiting for me

Some members of the royal family were obsessed with the number of official annual activities they did and some were keen to do as many of them as possible, according to the book.

Harry did not name these individuals, but described the daily list of self-proclaimed royal activities as “phony”.

Harry wrote of his experience at Christmas 2013: “Some members have become obsessed, desperate to be in as many official posts each year as ever.”

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Megan played Rachel Zane in the TV series Suits

William and Kate were huge fans of Suits

Harry says that when he first told his brother William and his wife about his relationship with Meghan, they “gave their mouths open.”

For a moment I was flustered, until William and his wife explained that they are huge Suits fans.

The duke recalls how his brother and his wife cornered him by asking questions about the American TV series.

“This whole time I thought Kate and Willie might not welcome Meg into the family, but I knew I had to worry about them chasing after Meghan for her autograph.”

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Pictured at Balmoral Castle but Harry said the water from the castle taps was ‘brown’

water in the restrooms at Balmoral Castle

Harry touched on talking about the feeling of visitors to Balmoral Castle being concerned about the water from the castle’s taps located in Scotland, where the royal family often spends summer holidays there.

Describing the water, Harry wrote: “It’s brown, like a light tea, and the water often makes guests anxious. So sad to say there was a problem with my toilet water.”

“My father always smiled and assured us that there was nothing wrong with the water. On the contrary, it was filtered and sweetened with Scotch grass.”

Harry spoke of the Duke of Edinburgh’s (his late grandfather)’s love of barbecues at Balmoral and how he used to make his own hands on charcoal-fired Spaghetti Bolognese.

Megan meeting Charles and Camilla for the first time

Harry writes that when he took Meghan to meet his father and Camilla, he suggested she wear her hair down and wear less make-up.

“My father loves loose hair, and so does my grandmother. My father did not like women who put a lot of cosmetics on their faces.”

He told of drinking tea and eating cakes and sandwiches with them.

The duke said he ate a small cake with Marmite sauce.

Harry also remembers that when he left Clarence House, Camilla turned his bedroom into her dressing room.

“I tried not to pay attention to it, but I couldn’t, especially since it was the first time I saw her.”

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Queen Elizabeth II speaks with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, as they leave after the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor to Thomas Kingston

Final words with the Queen

At the end of his diary, Harry recalls his last conversation with the late Queen.

The two have spoken about many things including her health, the political turmoil in Downing Street and the drought affecting the UK.

Discussing the state of the grass at Frogmore Cottage (Harry and Meghan’s then home in the UK) which was in disrepair, Harry recalled how he made the Queen laugh when he told her: “The grass looks like the top of my head grandma, bald and brown spots”.

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