Private Russian space company unveils innovations at India Space Fair

The Russian private space company, Sputnix, unveiled its new innovations in the field of space technologies at the Bengaluru Space Expo 2022 in India, RT reported.

This was reported by the press service of the Sitronics Group, of which “Sputnix” is a subsidiary.

Among its high-tech products are small-scale satellite designs, equipment and devices for training students in satellite maintenance.

The private Russian company, in particular, revealed the OrbiCraft-Pro technology platform on which satellites are designed to remotely sense the Earth, monitor maritime navigation and provide the Internet of Things.

The head of the Indian Space Agency (ISRO), Sridkhara Sumanat, visited the booth of the Russian company “Glave Cosmos”, where the Russian private company displays its products.

The employees of the Russian company gave the Indian students and professors an opportunity to be trained using the equipment of the Russian company.

The General Manager of “Sputnik” Vladislav Ivanenko said, “The company is optimistic about cooperation with India, and we believe that this cooperation has broad prospects. We are also ready to cooperate with our Indian partners in various projects in the field of developing satellites, space devices, space education and other related fields. Mutual benefit.

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