Project development: observance of environmental requirements in all projects receiving support

Nevin Gamea, CEO of the Enterprise Development Authority, stressed that Egypt’s hosting of the COOP27 Climate Conference confirms the confidence of the international community in the policies of the Egyptian state and its wise leadership and its ability to manage the climate challenges file ably despite the circumstances the world is currently witnessing, stressing that the Enterprise Development Authority is an essential part of the project development system. A state that works in accordance with the directives of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Republic, to ensure that the medium, small and micro enterprises sector adheres to environmental standards, as the agency, in close cooperation with various state agencies, takes effective steps towards achieving sustainable development and adopting it in its various fields of work.

On the occasion of Egypt’s hosting of the World Conference on Climate Change COP 27, Gamea said that the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency is one of the first development institutions to launch an initiative to finance small projects that take into account environmental standards and contribute to addressing challenges and climate changes, by launching several projects that It contributes to the implementation of the state’s national plans in the field of environmental protection, including providing various forms of support for sustainable development projects, such as financing power plants and biogas generation projects, as well as providing various financial and technical support for projects to develop and replace primitive coal cameras and compress and collect projects. Rice straw.

Jameh stressed that the agency works to encourage young people to establish sustainable development projects that adhere to environmental standards, stressing that the agency requires that the various small projects it finances be environmentally friendly and adhere to standards and requirements that would protect the environment.

The CEO of the Enterprise Development Authority explained that the Agency relies, in its strategy in the field of environmental protection, on cooperation with the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and all partners concerned in this field, to exchange experiences and knowledge with national, regional and international organizations working in the field of environmental protection, and to translate recommendations and requirements in the field of development activities of the Agency. In addition to his keenness to enhance aspects of cooperation with donors to provide support for environmental projects and programs implemented by the agency, as well as to implement community infrastructure projects of an environmental character, such as hygiene campaigns, environmental awareness, waste removal, protection of the sides of the Nile River, weed removal and canal disinfection, especially in areas Most needy.

Jameh said that the Enterprise Development Authority has launched several initiatives to implement new projects that take into account international environmental requirements and specifications in various governorates of the Republic. Rice, cotton and corn firewood collection and agricultural crops, biogas generation, waste recycling, and new and renewable energy projects (solar energy).

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