Providing petroleum products worth 79.7 billion pounds.. The most important information about the Alexandria Refinery

A vital role played by the Amreya and Alexandria Petroleum Refineries in terms of their contribution to providing the needs of the Alexandria and Lower Egypt region of petroleum products, and the following are the most important results of the work of the Alexandria Petroleum Refinery during 2021-2022, and they were as follows:

1- The quantities of crude that were refined during the year by the company’s plant amounted to about one million tons.

2- It contributes to the provision of petroleum products worth about 79.7 billion pounds.

3- It contributed to providing part of the local market’s needs of butane, naphtha, diesel, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, wax distillates and petroleum solvents, at a value of about 48 billion pounds.

4- In addition to supplying oil companies (AMOC, ANRPK, ASPC and ILAAP) with their needs of raw materials feeding their projects, amounting to about 26.4 billion pounds.

6- The company contributed to managing the needs of the National Roads Project from the asphalt product through production and import, as the total quantities that were managed amounted to about 881 thousand tons of asphalt.

7- Petroleum products worth about 5.3 billion pounds were exported to Italy, Spain, France, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco and Nigeria.

8- Injecting investments amounting to 1.2 billion pounds to implement replacement and renewal projects for production units, asset and resource management, developing security and safety systems, and improving energy efficiency, in addition to its contribution to projects to develop and modernize the petroleum geographical area in Alexandria.

9- Modernization and development of the oil basin through the geographical committee, which has witnessed expenditures of 352.6 million pounds so far.

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