Queen Elizabeth’s environmental legacy… Glimpses of her diet and love of nature

Queen Elizabeth II has been a consistent advocate for the environment throughout her historic 70-year reign, Her Majesty has set an example in her economy and diet, and her love of nature was so widely known that she collaborated with Sir David Attenborough on a nature documentary in 2018 titled The Queens Green Planet.

And according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, last year, the Queen expressed her frustration that no action was taken on climate change before the conference. policeman 26 to climate change in Glasgow, saying: “It’s really annoying when they talk, but they don’t.”

Austerity and diet

Known for keeping a simple diet, consisting of local produce, the Queen was also frugal, reusing wrapping paper, keeping furniture for decades, holidaying in Scotland and re-dressing. Speaking to Sky News, royal historian Professor Kate Williams explained how these are back Habits to her upbringing as a war child.

Also, at the time of the Queen’s coronation in 1953, sugar, butter and cheese were among the foods that were still rationing, with Professor Williams saying that the way the Queen lived was “largely the way people lived in the 1940s and 1950s.” Past”.

love the natural world

The Queen has regularly planted commemorative trees throughout her 70-year reign, including a tree in Windsor Great Park in 1953 to commemorate her coronation, a tree in Christchurch during her Silver Jubilee tour of New Zealand in 1977, and an oak tree in Hatfield House during her Diamond Jubilee tour In 2012.

Also in 2018, the Queen collaborated with Sir David Attenborough on a nature documentary titled The Queens Green PlanetIn one scene, the two can be seen walking around a garden discussing their shared love of the natural world.

“Trees have been a part of the Queen’s life all her life,” Sir Attenborough said. “Join me as I wander her garden and learn about the Queen’s dream of creating a global network of trees.”

Her Majesty told Sir Attenborough of her ambition to create a global network of trees, and joked: “It may change the climate again.”

Also, to celebrate her platinum jubilee in 2022, the Queen launched this unique tree-planting initiative, called green queen umbrella.

The initiative invites everyone from individuals to Scouts and Guides groups, villages, cities, counties, schools and businesses to play their part in improving our environment by planting trees.

animal love

The Queen loved animals from a young age, was a passionate dog lover, was seen regularly with a group of her dogs, as well as an accomplished horse rider, and a range of exotic animals have been introduced to the Queen over the years, ranging from an elephant to a giant tortoise.

The Queen was patron of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Since her coronation in 1953, she said: ZSL In a statement following her death: “Her support for our work and passion for animals have helped us inspire millions to protect wildlife around the world,” adding, “It has been a great honor for us to welcome the Queen to our zoos for her entire life.”

However, it was probably her love of dogs that was most famous for when it came to animals, and in 1944 the Queen announced that she was getting a Pembroke Corgi for her birthday and the breed’s popularity jumped by 56%.

Her position on the issue of climate change

While the Queen has kept her personal views during her reign, she has sometimes let loose her annoyance with inaction on climate change. In October last year, she attended the opening of the Welsh Parliament in Cardiff, where she discussed the climate change crisis with the Duchess of Cornwall, ahead of a climate change conference. policeman 26، policeman … I still don’t know who is coming.. There is no idea.”

The Queen added, “We only know about people who won’t come… It’s really annoying when they talk, but they don’t.”

And in 2004, the late Queen made headlines after it was revealed that she had written private letters to then-Prime Minister Tony Blair urging him to tackle climate change with then-US President George W. Bush.

The Queen again lobbied for more action to curb climate change, at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2009.

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