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Rain in Cairo in the coming days.. the weather until Sunday

04:11 PM

Monday 31 October 2022

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Meteorological Authority revealed the weather and temperatures during the coming days from tomorrow, Tuesday, until next Sunday, corresponding to November 6, 2022.

The Meteorological Authority said, in a statement, today, Monday, that during the announced 6-day period, hot weather prevails during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, South Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, moderate heat on the northern coasts, hot on southern Upper Egypt, and pleasant weather prevails at night in the first tilted Cold in the end all over.

As for the weather tomorrow, Tuesday, the meteorology indicated that medium rain, which may be thunderstorm sometimes, will fall by approximately 60% on areas of the northwestern coast and northern Lower Egypt at intermittent periods, in addition to light rain falling by approximately 40% on areas of the eastern coasts, southern Lower Egypt and cities The canal may extend weakly over areas of Greater Cairo by 20%.

There is also a water mist in the morning on some roads leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, the Canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, and wind activity sometimes occurs in areas of southern Sinai.

Regarding the weather situation on Wednesday, the authority indicated that light to medium rain will fall by approximately 40% on areas of the northern coasts and northern Lower Egypt, and also light rains will fall by approximately 30% in areas in southern Lower Egypt at intermittent periods, and wind movement is active on areas of southern Sinai.

The rain will continue to fall next Thursday, for the third day in a row, to be light by about 30% on areas of the northeastern coasts at intermittent periods.

Wind movement is sometimes active in areas of southern Sinai and northern Upper Egypt at intermittent periods.

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