Randa Al-Behairy, after Yasser Jalal donated 3 million pounds to “Long Live Egypt”: I will also do this

The artist, Randa Al-Behairy, announced that she will follow the example of the artist, Yasser Jalal, and donate to the Long Live Egypt Fund, in light of the economic crisis that Egypt is going through in those days.

Dalia Buhairi
Randa El Behairy

And Randa Al-Behairy wrote on “Facebook”: “All thanks to the respected and respected star, Yasser Jalal, who succeeded alongside a town at a time when the whole country needs it to come together..and God willing, it will be a role model for many artists, and I am the first of them. We do our duty and put what we can in the box..I too I will do this.. Thank you, Yasser Jalal.. Throughout your life, you are sincere, patriotic, respectful, and a son of origins.”

And the artist, Yasser Jalal, announced his donation of three million pounds to the Long Live Egypt Fund, today, and Yasser Jalal said, to “The Seventh Day”: “This time I announce the entity and the amount that I donated, because I hope that we all participate, and do what we can. My fellow stars, they donate what they can, I know that some of them did the subject before, but if they did this again, it would be a great thing.

And Yasser Jalal continued: “Our Lord knows that the reason that made me do this is the crisis that Egypt is going through at the moment. I am a man who does not seek fame or stardom. And the whole world is going through a great crisis, and God willing, the crisis will pass when we all stand together.” He was keen to end his speech by praying for Egypt..

It is mentioned that Yasser Jalal’s latest work, the series “The Choice 3” last Ramadan, achieved great success. Ahmed El Sakka, Karim Abdel Aziz, and a large number of art stars participated in the tournament..

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