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Rashwan Tawfiq sends a touching message to his daughter after the court ruling: I did all this to protect you

The artist spoke Rashwan TawfiqOn the ruling of the High Court of Appeal, south of Cairo, today, rejecting the appeal of his daughter, Aya Rashwan Tawfiq, against the ruling issued to reject the lawsuit in which she demanded the cancellation of her father’s contract to sell a villa in 6 October City, at a value of 5 million pounds, to his second daughter, Heba, and his granddaughter; With a general power of attorney issued by her without her knowledge.

Tawfiq added, during a telephone conversation with the media, Azza Mustafa, presenter of the “Tahrir Hall” program on the “Sada Al-Balad” satellite channel, that he is confident that he is in the hands of a fair Egyptian judiciary, confirming that he bought savings certificates in the name of his two daughters. so that his late wife could live off their benefits.

And he continued, that he lives on the money of his daughter, Heba, and his government pension, stressing that the villa over which there is a dispute is from his own money, adding: “I did all this to protect Aya from the supreme power who wanted her to give up the villa to her son; I protect Aya, and may God make the judiciary protect me too.”

Rashwan Tawfiq confirmed that his wife struggled with him for 62 years, and after her death he lived from interest money from savings certificates, stressing that he was able to make Aya sign that these certificates belong to him.

And the artist, Rashwan Tawfiq, went on: “Aya rejects any attempts at solutions, and she is weak in character, and there is a higher power that controls her.” I am ready to give you everything on the condition that you don’t give up the villa to your son or anyone else. I guarantee her life and I don’t want to harm her, and I don’t want to say who is the supreme power that controls her.”

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