Recitation of the Holy Quran in the condolences of Wadih George Wassouf in Kafroun, Syria

accept the sultan of rapture, George wasouf Condolences to his son Wadih today, Monday, in Kafroun, Syria. Family and friends attended to offer condolences, and Twitter pioneers shared a video, of one of the sheikhs reciting the Holy Qur’an in condolence with George, and he will thank him. The Syrian Minister of Information, Boutros Al-Hallaq, also attended to offer his condolences and condolences for the loss of his son.

And bid farewell to the Sultan of Tarab George wasoufHis eldest son, Wadih, in St. Nicholas Church – Ashrafieh, yesterday, Sunday, and George appeared with signs of sadness and refraction for him. His children and family members surrounded him, then Wadih was buried in Syria.

Last Saturday, the stars Walid Tawfiq, Ramy Ayyash, Assi El-Hellani, Marwan Khoury, Maya Diab, Melhem Zain and Nadine El-Rassi offered condolences to the Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, in the deposit of his eldest son, in the salon of St. Nicholas Church of the Greek Orthodox “Al-Ashrafiya”.“.

Wadih George Wassouf, son of the great artist George Wassouf, passed away last Friday, after a health crisis he suffered as a result of the complications of the “stomach sleeve” operation he had recently performed..

And the last hours witnessed the death of Wadih George Wassouf, his admission to the hospital on December 27 to undergo a gastric bypass operation, and after the operation he returned home, but during the past days he suffered stomach bleeding, so he was transferred to “Saint Joseph” Wadih George Wassouf Hospital. The center was surrounded by his friends and family, and he was fighting disease until his last breath.

A number of Lebanese stars mourned on the social media pages Wadih, the son of the great artist George Wassouf, where Elisa wrote on her page: “The band is very difficult, O Lord, your wisdom is greater, but the separation hurts a lot and the calamity is great. The pain of their separation May God give you strength“.

And Carole Samaha wrote: “I am not able to believe what this sad news is, Wadih George, and it will be in your hands..

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