Reda Abdel Qader: The electronic receipt system is closely and continuously monitored by the Minister of Finance

Reda Abdel Qader, Assistant Minister of Finance for the affairs of the Egyptian Tax Authority, confirmed that the electronic receipt system is one of the development and mechanization projects that the Egyptian Tax Authority is witnessing and enjoys accurate and continuous follow-up by the Minister of Finance, pointing out that it is a continuation of the electronic invoice system.

Mokhtar Tawfiq, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, announced the issuance of Resolution No. (588) for the year 2022, obligating the financiers and taxpayers whose names are included in the list attached to this decision and announced on the official page of the Egyptian Tax Authority, and their number (2000) financier / taxpayer – as a third stage – to issue electronic tax invoices (tax receipts). electronic) on the actual operating environment for services performed or goods sold to the final consumer, as of January 15, 2023, noting that financiers who have been issued mandatory decisions on the electronic receipt system can be inquired by entering the registration number through the following link: https://www.

Mokhtar Tawfiq stressed that the financiers/assignees who are bound by Resolution No. (588) of 2022 must abide by the technological operating conditions specified by the Egyptian Tax Authority and necessary for the issuance of electronic tax receipts.

Mukhtar Tawfiq explained that the electronic receipt system is based on the establishment of a central electronic system that enables the Tax Authority to follow up all commercial transactions for selling goods and providing services between sellers in sales and service centers and between consumers (B2C), and verifying their validity through electronic integration with the sales devices of merchants and service providers. “POS”.

The head of the Egyptian Tax Authority added that the Tax Authority has provided all information about the electronic receipt system through the authority’s official page on Facebook and YouTube channel and also through the website, and the Tax Authority has also provided a link on the website of the Tax Authority through which the tax community can be informed of all information For the electronic receipt system through (your guide in dealing with the electronic receipt system) on the following link:

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