Refining 9.8 million tons in Mostorod and Tanta refineries.. The most important information about Cairo Petroleum Refining

The development and implementation of a comprehensive vision for the development and modernization of the Egyptian oil refineries contributed to raising their production capabilities and increasing the efficiency of their operation, especially since most of them have been operating for decades, according to the statements of Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, who stressed the importance of keeping pace with modernity and global development in this industry and Providing petroleum products with international specifications to meet the needs of the local market and exporting surplus products abroad to save foreign exchange,

The following are the most important performance indicators for Cairo Petroleum Refining Company during the year, and they were as follows:

1- The amount of crude oil that was refined amounted to about 8.9 million tons in the company’s refineries in Mostorod and Tanta.

2- It contributes to the provision of quantities of petroleum products amounting to about 88 thousand tons of butane, 935 thousand tons of naphtha, 3.4 million tons of gasoline of all kinds (80, 92 and 95 octane), 51 thousand tons of kerosene, 456 thousand tons of jet fuel and 1.862 thousand tons of diesel, in addition to many specialized products. for many industries.

3- The company implemented investment projects during the year with investments amounting to about 650 million pounds.

4- One of the most important projects that were implemented and operated during the year was the flare gas recovery project at a total cost of about 150 million pounds, with the aim of reducing associated gas emissions and reusing the flare gases as fuel and producing butane.

5- The company implemented the local manufacturing of equipment and devices and provided technical services to petroleum companies and others during the year with investments amounting to 190 million pounds, an increase of 11% over the previous year.

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