Report: 30% of Indian villagers are YouTube creators

Judging by the content on our social feeds, it may seem like the world is controlled by influencers but imagine you live in a city full of them, where an Indian village in Raipur is famous for its online content, with 40 YouTube channels and around 1,000 of its 3,000 residents They are involved in creating content.

Tulsi, a village in the central state of Chhattisgarh, has earned the name “YouTube Indian Village” due to the exploits of its residents. According to the report, villagers were seen filming residents riding tractors, as well as children racing in the streets.

Some use drones to capture footage, while larger graphics and performances feature many locals performing or helping with the art side. Everyone calls our village a “YouTube Village,” said one local, Chetan Nayak.

“Many of them have their own YouTube channels. On YouTube channels, we make comedy videos, song-based shows and racing videos. Almost all kinds of artists are here,” another YouTuber, Aditya Vaghil, explained.

Many residents now work on content full time, while some claim to earn double or triple their previous salaries. The youngest YouTuber is 15 years old, while the oldest is a grandmother who is 85 years old.

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