Report: Apple may delay the launch of augmented reality glasses

Previous reports revealed that Apple has been developing AR glasses (augmented reality device) for a long time and the new device was expected to be launched soon. However, a new report claims that the tech giant may have to delay the launch of its upcoming AR glasses.

According to a report by Marketwatch, Apple may launch an augmented reality headset device after a few more years. However, the company is expected to launch an AR/VR headset in 2023 and Apple is well on its way to achieving the goal, the report adds.

Why is Apple delaying the launch of augmented reality glasses?

Earlier, rumors claimed that Apple may launch an augmented reality device in 2024, and last year, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo also added that Apple AR glasses could be launched by 2025, and the new report contradicts this prediction and claims that the company has postponed The launch, and of its AR glasses until 2025 or 2026, and according to the report, Apple had to delay the launch of its devices mainly due to some design issues.

The report does not specify the design problem the company faces. From aesthetics to technical design, this could be a wide area and Apple could have problems on one or more grounds. CEO Tim Cook also believes that this technology is the next big thing and will affect everything.

At the moment, it appears that Apple is facing delays in releasing AR devices, but some devices like the iPhone already include AR elements, and users will have to wait for more to see what the company has to offer until its devices hit the market.

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