Report: Apple plans to launch MacBook Air and iMac computers with M3 chipset

A report by Bloomberg news agency stated that Apple is working on a new version of my computer: the MacBook Air and iMac, with the (M3) chip that is produced using 3-nanometer manufacturing technology, which is faster and more efficient in consumption. energy as quoted by aitnews.

Although it is not officially known when Apple intends to launch the new version of the two computers, Bloomberg expects it to be launched later this year, or early next year.

In a report published last June, Bloomberg started talking about that Apple is working on a 13-inch and 15-inch version of its MacBook Air laptop with a (M3) chip, in addition to a new iMac computer.

At that time, the agency expected that this would happen in early 2023, but Apple has not done anything about that so far, as it launched earlier this January a new version of the MacBook Pro computers with the (M2 Pro) and (M2 Max) chipsets, in addition to to a new version of its small desktop computer, the Mac Mini with a chip (M2 Pro).

It is noteworthy that the (M2 Pro) and (M2 Max) chipsets were made with the second generation of 5nm manufacturing technology, compared to the first generation of technology that the company adopted in the (M1) chipset.

The (M3) chips are expected to provide better performance. According to TSMC, which manufactures its chips for Apple, the 3-nanometer manufacturing technology will improve speed by up to 15 percent compared to the current 5-nanometer manufacturing technology, and reduce power consumption by up to 30 percent. percent.

The Taiwanese chipmaker Corporation (TSMC) has already started mass production of (3nm) M3 chips at its facilities in Taiwan last year, but there is no plan to manufacture this technology at the company’s new facility in the US state of Arizona until 2026.

It is noteworthy that the MacBook Air and iMac computers will not be the only ones using the (M3) chipset soon. On the same day that Apple announced the new MacBook Pro computers with the (M2 Pro) and (M2 Max) chipsets, the famous analyst regarding Apple leaks, Ming-Chi Kuo, said that the company may launch other versions of the MacBook Pro computers with (M3 Pro) and (M3 Max) chip in the first half of 2024.

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