Report: For these reasons, iPhones may not adopt USB-C ports

A recent report revealed that iPhone 15 phones may not adopt USB-C charging ports in compliance with European Union rules that will force all smartphone companies to provide a unified port, and the accompanying news and rumors about the possibility of the iPhone 15 coming with a USB-C charging port like other phones that It will be sold within the European Union, according to the “Fonarina” website.

The report stated that Apple may avoid adopting this charging port, but at the same time comply with the rules and regulations of the European Union, by launching its next phones next year without a charging port, so that they are charged wirelessly via MagSafe.

The report revealed five indicators and indications that Apple will resort to this solution instead of providing a USB-C port. The report was inspired by the fall event in which Apple announced the iPhone 14 series earlier this month.

1. AirPods Pro 2 support MagSafe charging and can be charged via the Apple Watch charger.

The headphones came to deny the leaks that said that they would provide a USB-C port, but in fact they support wireless charging, and it seems that this technology will be the future of Apple devices.

2. Apple has removed regular SIM cards from some iPhone 14 phones and nothing prevents them from removing the charging port.

The regular SIM is also removed from all iPhone 14 phones sold in the US, so it doesn’t seem like it’s difficult for Apple to remove the charging ports from its devices.

3. Apple does not care about fast charging, and the evidence is that the iPhone 14 does not support it.

Some rumors said that iPhone 14 phones will support fast charging, but it is clear that this technology is not a priority for Apple, and may not even be in its plans in the near future, and perhaps it gives priority to wireless charging.

4. Apple likes to go its own way.

Apple’s demeanor is that it likes to go its own way and tweet out of tune, so it is expected that it will seek to avoid adopting the global charging port like the rest of the companies.

5. Profits are Apple’s top priority, and USB-C chargers will reduce their profits, unlike MagSafe.

Last but not least, Apple is a commercial company, and it works to increase its profits, and this is normal, and it is very successful in this aspect, and there is no doubt that the adoption of the USB-C charging port in the iPhone means that the user can use any charger for his phone, which reduces the profits Camel.

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