Report: Google Pixel 7 can now tell ‘the way people talk’

Google continues to update its speech recognition models to make users’ interactions with its voice assistant more informative and natural. and unique words and phrases for different users.

As Google Assistant Custom Speech Recognition is only available on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro devices and is quite different from other voice-related features like – Voice Typing Assistant on Gboard etc. Users can choose to enable or disable this feature from Google Assistant settings .

How does the feature work

Google Assistant’s custom speech recognition feature saves interactions between the user and the voice assistant. The feature securely stores various interactions including corrections and audio recordings to learn important words and phrases for the user.

The support page explains that users can debug a shortcut when they ask the Google Assistant about something, or they can choose a suggested alternative name for a place while using it to navigate, and these interactions will help Google Assistant learn and improve itself “over time and across contexts” if the recognition feature is enabled. to speak.

Google Assistant Custom Speech Recognition: Data Protection

To improve itself, this feature stores users’ Google Assistant interactions on the local device for a short time, the support page notes, and these interactions include personal speech recognition from the Google Assistant.

Technology is learning from all of this and making it help the Google Assistant adapt to the user’s speaking style. The feature will be able to get a better understanding of your unique speaking style as users engage in more interactions with the voice assistant.

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