Report: iPhone 15 Pro will get the A17 chip and other versions will have older chips

will be versions iPhone 15 Pro It is the only one that will get the latest chip from Apple next year, according to a new report released today, according to what came in 9 .to5mac.

This would reflect the approach the company has used for the device iPhone 14where you get versions forefront on a slide A 16 New while the standard and . versionsPlus They contain a slide A 15 last year.

This year was the first time that Apple used the processor as a differentiator between the standard iPhone version and forefront.

And everyone got iPhone 14 Pro And the Pro Max on the latest slide A 16while running iPhone 14 And the iPhone 14 Plus by A 15 Although they both get the hexa-core variant of iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple has not directly compared chipsets A 16 And theA 15Instead, you compare A 16 The processors used in Android phones, where Apple said that A6″40% faster than the competition. “

Also, through some tests, we know that a chip A16 Bionic It performs 10% faster in a single core than the previous version, while there is practically no difference with the multi-core part.

Standards indicatedAnTuTu‘, which aims to better replicate the real-life demands placed on the processor, into larger differences, she says.AnTuTu“It is compared toiPhone 13 Pro results have been improved iPhone 14 Pro By 18.8%, CPU performance increased by 17% and GPU performance increased by 28%. According to the company, this improvement in GPU performance is one of the best improvements in recent years on any phone.

And you will get versions iPhone 15 Pro on a slide A 17the indicator indicatedNikki Asia‘ that slice A 17 Next year it will also be limited to forefrontaccording to three people familiar with the matter, and . will be used A 17 In the premium version in the iPhone lineup slated for release in 2023.

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