Report: Nintendo will increase production of Switch consoles this year

Semiconductor shortages in the past few years have greatly hampered production for all the big players in the technology industry, and gaming giant Nintendo has cut back its production of Switch consoles. However, now that the chip crisis has faded, the company is preparing to boost Nintendo Switch production, according to According to a Bloomberg report.

The report states that in November, Nintendo lowered its sales forecast for Switch consoles, however, there may be a change in the Japanese company’s plans as it is now preparing to boost manufacturing instead.

What else can Nintendo Switch do?

The device achieved sales of around 21 million units, during the 2022-23 fiscal year, and the company reportedly expects Switch demand to remain strong for at least another year. In fact, inside information claims that the Mario creator has told suppliers about its plans to ramp up production — even Although there is no specific target at the moment.

Despite the apparent intent to increase manufacturing, a midstream change is also out of the question and will depend on buying trends among players.

But due to the console’s hardware age, analysts don’t rate its appeal for staying the same all year, and the report cites USB Securities analyst Kenji Fukuyama as saying, “Sales this past holiday season haven’t been that strong even with better supply.” He added, “People will soon start speculating about next-gen hardware and will likely refrain from buying the old system. A slowdown in Switch sales momentum is inevitable.”

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