Report: Riot Games is laying off some employees

Over the past few weeks, news of layoff announcements in the tech industry has become commonplace. While the industry as a whole has been hit hard, large game developers haven’t joined the list of companies laying off their employees. However, that now appears to be changing according to investigative reporter Jacob Wolf.

In a recent tweet, Wolf previously mentioned that Riot Games — the studio behind the popular esports game Valorant — had begun laying off employees, and according to Wolf, Riot Games had not previously undergone “too many cuts” in the past – suggesting that this incident was An important point in time.

The layoffs have affected non-developer roles. In his “Jacob Wolf Report” blog, the reporter confirmed that the exact number of layoffs is 46. According to the source, the publishing, e-sports, human resources and talent acquisition departments were mainly affected by the layoffs. In addition, some Support roles are also on the axe.

Apparently, the job cuts occurred as the company’s priorities shifted. In an interview, a corporate affairs executive at Riot Games said, “Riot Games has implemented strategic shifts in a few teams to increase our focus in a number of areas.”

The Riot Games layoff was a “normal course of action”, and the CEO explained that it was not out of the ordinary, describing it as “part of our normal course of business”. It will allow us to provide the best content and experiences for our players.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the move was not a quick decision, highlighting, “We do not take these decisions lightly and will always start from the place of wanting to keep the troublemakers and keep them focused on our highest priorities. Although this is not always possible, it is our primary goal.” Statistically speaking, this layoff represented less than 1% of Riot Games’ workforce, which has 4,500 employees.

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