Report: Twitter did not pay severance pay to employees fired by Elon Musk

Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter in late October, and his first order of business was to fire half of the workforce, about 3,500 employees. These dismissed employees were expected to receive compensation, but it seems they are still waiting.

On November 4 of last year, Musk fired half of the employees from various teams and regions, and the layoffs continued for several weeks. Of those 3,500 employees, 1,000 were fired in California, according to documents submitted to the state.

Twitter is required, in accordance with state and federal laws, to pay regular pay checks to California employees terminated within the past two months. This 60-day period expired on January 4, 2023, marking the formal termination of California employees. However, these employees note that they have not They receive after any formal termination offer or separation agreement.

Elon Musk tweeted, at the time, that all fired employees were “offered a 3-month termination of service.” The fired Twitter employees are awaiting termination while Musk seeks to cut costs.

A former Twitter employee told CNN that they expect to receive information about the termination by Wednesday, Jan. 4, the hiring deadline fired in the first round of firings, but the employee says the company has not shared any document related to the termination.

Shannon Lees-Riordan, an attorney representing hundreds of laid-off Twitter employees, said in a statement that her clients who were laid off in early November had to receive any information about severance compensation as of today (November 6 IST).

“Yesterday was the official parting date for thousands of Twitter employees, and after months of chaos and uncertainty created by Elon Musk, these workers remain in a difficult situation,” said Kevin Reddy, a spokesperson for the company. The expectation is that (the letters) will be sent yesterday, but we haven’t seen that.”

Twitter, which also laid off its entire PR department on the mass layoffs, has not commented on inquiries, and Musk has not said anything on the matter yet.

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